Daily, millions of emails are sent from companies to customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one coworker to another. Our managed email services are easy to use and secure. You can organize your daily correspondence, send and receive electronic messages and save them onto your computers. We offer tailored solutions based on your unique needs and we ensure that your communications are always available.

Access from anywhere

  • Access your emails from anywhere at any time
  • Share you calendar with everyone in your organization
  • Share contacts & groups
  • Schedule and manage your tasks
  • Remotely wipe any lost device
  • Synchronize all your contacts, calendar & emails on any mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Create Resource mailbox to manage conference rooms, laptops, etc.
  • Share documents with public folders

Backups & Email Protection

Our backups are done frequently and securely. It is possible to selectively restore items (emails, mailboxes, notes, contacts, etc.) directly from backup sets.

  • Restore lost or corrupted Exchange mailbox items
  • Always available, easy to use and extremely valuable
  • No hardware or software required to install, manage, and maintain
  • eDiscovery & legal searches across your entire organization
  • Advanced functionality for granular recovery
  • Message logging and search
  • Enhanced auditing enables better reporting
  • Optional Integrated Archiving

Advanced Anti-Spam Protection

For many years now the biggest problem with email has been SPAM. In most cases spam consists of an unsolicited marketing usually sent to your email address by someone who has purchased an email list from the internet. There are many companies around the world who sell these lists to anyone who is willing to pay for them and generally they are quite cheap. We are offering powerful business-level anti-spam which is including:

  • Multiple anti-spam filters
  • IP reputation filtering
  • Filters inbound and outbound SMTP traffic
  • Multi-scanning technique
  • Regular expression checks
  • Heuristic engines
  • Polymorphic malware detection methods
  • User-based email content policy
  • File type, dictionary keyword checks
  • SPF and Anti-Spoofing support